Announcement of Gatema's transformation into a holding

Dear business partners,

We truly appreciate our long-term cooperation, thanks to which we now have the opportunity to announce the transformation of Gatema a.s. into a holding structure. The main reason for the transformation is Gatema's rapid growth in recent years. As of May 1 2020, this transformation will establish separate legal entities from our individual divisions, which will then have greater freedom to decide on their future independently of other parts of the group.

What does this mean for you? The existing joint-stock company is disappearing, but Gatema remains Gatema. Although the name will be different along with ID / VAT and a bank account, we will reside on the same address, have the same headquarters, the same owners, the same contact details as well as the same email addresses. Everything in our daily communication remains the same as it has been up till now.

Effective May 1, 2020, there will be a change in our business correspondence, orders, invoices, new contracts as well as existing ones. In these cases, you will need to work with new company names and ID numbers. All Gatema’s current bank accounts will be terminated with the termination of Gatema a.s. company.

Thank you for your time and loyalty. Looking forward to our future cooperation.

Kind regards,

František Vlk
Supervisory Board Chair

Jaromír Papoušek
Apollon division director