Gatema Medical has become a distributor of ACL medical computers and monitors for Czechia and Slovakia

With the start of 2021, high-performance medical PCs and monitors from German company ACL are being added to existing product portfolio of Gatema Medical s.r.o. ACL GmbH has production facility in Markkleeberg (Leipzig region) and branch offices in USA and Hongkong, having more than 20 years of experience with the development and production of IT equipment. In the last decade, the company has transformed its production to exclusively medical applications. Now it ranks among leading manufacturers of medical IT hardware, not only in German market but also in global context through its distribution network and OEM partners. This top class “Made in Germany” IT technology is characterized by use of latest innovative production technologies and high quality industrial components for long lifetime, being designed for 24/7 operation.

ACL products are fully certified as class I medical device and comply with all technical and legislative norms required for its application in most demanding healthcare environments such as operating theatres or intensive care units and, practically, in all hygienically critical areas. As authorized distributor and certified service partner of ACL, Gatema Medical will provide sales and technical support to clients in Czech and Slovak Republic. With the top quality and+ high added value, ACL medical computers, monitors and consoles are, undoubtedly, best solution currently available on the market with ambition to complement successfully current Apollon audiovisual system, especially in videomanagement configurations, as well as expand the scope of potential users of products and services supplied by our companyMoreover, there is also opportunity to cooperate with ACL on specific projects on German market.