About us

Gatema Medical s.r.o. that is a team of experienced people, developing the system together, helping in project solutions, being a support for the users and bringing instantly something new to the work with multimedia in medicine.

„Able to see“ means the ability to see something at first. And at second, it means the ability of understanding and perceiving. Both of the meanings perfectly join when it comes to Apollon, our own baby and an significant project for the forthcoming years.

We provided doctors, medicine students, experts and students with a unique audio-visual tool that is able – live and in perfect quality – to mediate even the smallest details from serious surgeries. In such a way, each doctor or medicine student has a chance to see the hands of top-quality and strong specialists. To help them in understanding the procedures, to understand in detail all the processes in a human body, to share know-how that helps in lives rescue. That is a great mission.


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Project Solutions


Client Support

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Our own products and own know-how are the base for us. In development and in production as well.

For example, our team of programmers developed mobile access via smartphone or tablet to watching of live videos directly from the surgery.

The developers carefully setup accessories for connection of any camera, permanently thinking of maximal simplicity of use and well-organized control interface.

Every item, leaving for a client, is checked by the production department. Everything is under strict supervision of ISO standards.