Apollon Products & Apps

Thanks to Apollon products and applications, every doctor may see live even the most detailed scenes of surgeries. Share the reality. In real time or any time after. Surgeries are recorded in perfect quality and they may be edited and adjusted so easily that it will not cause any delays to you.

The world is connected by technology. And we take care that your medical knowledge is spread so easily. We will enable to share the best of your skills, your approach, your personality. With colleagues, students, experts.



Documentation and streaming device for the medical sector enabling recording operations, taking photographs and broadcasting live directly from the operating room.



  • Intuitive handling of the entire system
  • Easy saving of the recording directly onto a portable repository device
  • Fast launch via a removable control panel
  • Management and connection of a camera picture on the operating room
  • Flexibility in placing Streamer device onto an operation tower
  • Reading patient’s data from the Worklist
  • Storing data into PACS system
  • Possibility of posting comments and of the doctor’s open communication with the viewers at the conference hall on the operation progress
  • Modularity and a possibility to a custom-design according to the needs of a particular clinic



  • Precise conclusions and verdicts based upon high-quality picture
  • Financial savings thanks to easy adaptability to an existing IT structure of the hospital
  • Effortless handling can be done by anybody in the operation room


Operations recorded in perfect quality

Intelligent and modular system for data management.

Technical information



Application designed for mass controlling of Streamer units, for controlling switching of all video inputs and outputs in the operating theatre and organizing videoconference calls.



  • Management application for Apollon audiovisual system
  • Installation onto a PC in the operating room or the hospital foyer
  • A complete video–management in the operating theatre (switching of all video inputs and outputs)
  • Mass management of Streamer units
  • Video recordings
  • Pictures taking
  • Video broadcasting
  • Videoconference calls
  • Entering patient’s data
  • Designed for Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems



• Apollon Matrix



• Remote control via internal network


Intelligent and intuitive controlling

Work better, faster and more efficiently.

Apollon Matrix



A device for showing live broadcasting and recordings in the seminar hall. A useful and an easily controllable tool for teaching and enhancing the level of education.



  • Device enhanced to provide communication with the operating theatre for more effective progress of the conference
  • True and high-quality picture allows detailed viewing operations
  • Easy control from a tablet
  • Audience in the conference hall or students of medicine receive information from the operating room in real time



  • Most entertaining method of teaching the students of medicine
  • A shortened learning curve of the students at more complicated and less frequent operations
  • Edits of important parts of operations recordings to follow-up


Perfect educational tool for doctors and practitioners

System fully customizable to your needs

Technical information



A mobile application for iOS with fast access to live proadcasting directly from the operating theatre. A senior doctor or a main practitioner can watch an updated situation at the operating rooms directly from their working premises or offices.



Web application for live broadcast viewing.



  • Quick access to multimedia via modern web browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Edge
  • Easy management of user logins
  • Live broadcast access is password-protected



• Surgeons have the possibility to consult with anybody from anywhere


Easy access to live broadcast and media

Watch live broadcasting on your phone or a tablet