Apollon System

The medical audiovisual system Apollon provides complex capturing, displaying,  on-line live broadcast, recording, parametrization, archiving and processing of audio-visual data.

It is modular and offers connection to all today’s standard camera units. It is able to manage even 3D image from the cutting edge endoscopes and surgical robots for mini-invasive surgeries.

Apollon offers streaming of live videos from the surgery to smartphone or tablet of a specialist for consultation or a medical student for education purposes or to the workstation of a head physician.


Telemedicine is a remote transmission of medical information using telecommunication technologies. Apollon allows you to to have a look into the operation room. In real time and in perfect quality.


Apollon is able to record audiovisual data from a surgery or provide live streaming between operating rooms and other hospital areas.


Supply of devices, configuration, installation, putting into operation and guarantee and post-guarantee service. We solve the projects on complex basis.

vývoj apollon


Apollon is an audiovisual system for complex arrangement of capturing, imaging, switching and processing of audiovisual data in Full HD quality between the operation room and other areas within a hospital.


Transmission of audio-visual data to target locations like e.g. a lecture hall or an office is solved on-line via the apNet network. Archiving of audio-visual data is solved by transmission in real time via the network and by saving in a video server. In case of archiving as well as in case of streaming it is transmission in real time and in maximal resolution of Full HD.


It is possible to connect Full HD, HD or SD video sources to the Apollon – like endoscope, direct-view, overview or special camera systems. The control panel with user interface for the system control is included. In case of workstations supplied to offices, these stations are equipped with applications for processing of recorded data, i.e. video editing, selection of images from data recorded and fast generation of presentations and publications.


Mobile access using a smartphone or tablet application allows watching of live Full HD video stream with sound and user control of the system. Simply and intuitively can be selected the desired location from list of video streams. Implemented player provides search and play video recorded in Apollon system. Built-in videoconference functionality allows communication between selected locations in system.